Doctors Beck & Stone is the first international pet hospital group in China, supporting responsible pet ownership, and providing international-standard veterinary services.

We are constantly striving to exceed the highest operational, professional and ethical standards. We offer veterinary services, grooming, boarding, and pet food.

Our consultation and examination fee depends on the seniority and experience of our veterinarian. The fee for a regular vet is RMB 100; a Jr. VIP vet is RMB 180, and a VIP vet is RMB 280.

We offer 25% compassionate discount for rescued pets as long as 3 months before they are adopted.

Doctors Beck & Stone international vet pet clinics & hospitals are in Shunyi & Chaoyang districts, Beijing, Changning, Minhang & Pudong districts, Shanghai, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, and Nanshan district, Shenzhen.

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Plea from The Little Adoption Shop

Image The Little Adoption Shop currently has more than 150 dogs in our care, and we are under constant pressure to meet our food, rent, medical and other expenses.
To read more click here.

Join the Pet Health Club

Image We all want to give our pets the best possible care to ensure that they have long, healthy, and happy lives. That is why we have prepared the very best preventative healthcare plan, and named it the Pet Health Club.

For more details please click here.

Animal rescue organizations in China

Image UK
NoToDogMeat is the official campaigning body of the UK registered charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.
Click here for more information.

Image Guangzhou
Established in 2009, Tuhua is the first officially registered non-profit animal rescue organization.
Shanming is animal shelters under Tuhuan, located in Tuhua park, Haizhu district, Guangzhou
Contact Person: YoYo, Mobile: 138 2600 5253, Weibo:

Image Shenzhen

Shenzhen Dog Protection Association was founded in August, 2010, and is the only approved non-profit dog protection association in Shenzhen. The stray dog shelter is located below.
Contact Information: Dakan, Xili Town, Nanshan District. Email (Office), (Stray dog shelter). Website:

Image Shanghai

JAR - Jaiya's Animal Rescue is a group of expat and Chinese individuals who have dedicated a part of our lives to rescuing and rehoming stray and abandoned animals off the streets of Shanghai. Our group is named in honor and loving memory of 9 week old "Jaiya Kristina", who passed away from SIDS on February 14, 2009. At JAR we believe that every animal deserves a safe, secure and loving home. Website: Blog: e-mail: Contact: Marvin (Founder)

Image Shanghai

The past few years we have seen more and more people here show care and concerns for the stray animal situation. However, there is a general lack of responsible pet ownership knowledge. Pet responsibility education need to become more popular in schools. BestFriends hopes that people and pets can become good companions, and kindhearted people can work together towards common goals in our community. Email: Sina Weibo:BestFriends一路有你宠爱俱乐部 Website:

Image Shanghai

Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) is a non-profit animal rescue group founded in 2007 by a group of individual animal rescuers. The mission of PPAR is to provide for the rescue and compassionate care of homeless animals, and to place adoptable animals in permanent loving homes. All cats at PPAR are sterilized, immunized and treated for parasites prior to adoption.
To this date, PPAR has rescued more than 300 homeless kittens and cats, and successfully placed most of them in responsible, loving homes. Currently, about 70 cats are under PPAR’s care and waiting for adoption.
PPAR holds Adoption Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), from 13:00 to 17:00 pm, at the PPAR Shelter located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Phone: 021-5480-1699.
For more information about being a volunteer, foster parent or how to adopt a cat or kitten from PPAR, please send an e-mail to:

Image Beijing

Welcome to THE LITTLE ADOPTION SHOP. If you can adopt, foster, volunteer or support us in any way, please drop by and check out our new place. We have adoptable dogs, good heating and a big welcome for you. Location: Shunyi, West Side of New Exhibition Center (新国展) Tel 1368-360-2305 Email: Click here for Weibo. Click here for Facebook. Donations can be dropped off at The Little Adoption Shop, or made through the accounts shown here.

Image Beijing

Established in 1987, Animal Rescue Beijing (ARB) is an officially registered non-profitable and non-governmental animal welfare organisation. We strive for animal protection and welfare, advocate education and legislation. Over 25 years ARB has placed hundreds of dogs and cats into families. Currently we have around 100 dogs rescued in our shelter in Changping, Beijing. They are all properly vaccinated on an annual basis, and most are sterilised. These cheerful fuzzy little angels are waiting for their Ms & Mr. Right, with whom they will be able to start a brand new life. Location: ARB Shelter, Mengzu Village, Baishan County, Changping District. Contact: Esther Yang (volunteer)
Mobile: 139 1028 5373 Email: Weibo:
Blog: Funding & Charity Sale:

Image Beijing
Lost in Wuffdaokou is a private non-profit initiative of an expat couple living in Beijing who rescue homeless street puppies in the Wudaokou area, either by providing proper food or taking the weakest puppies in and nursing them back to health until they can be adopted by their "forever families".
You can visit for more information.

Image Beijing
Formerly known as “Cat Friends,” Beijing Cat was founded by Scarlett Zhang, and since 2001 has re-homed over 100 cats in happy adoptive families.
All of our cats seeking adoption are healthy, dewormed, neutered and vaccinated. They are also friendly, with sweet personalities, and suitable for adoption.
Scarlett's Phone: 13501315988; Mail:

Why rescue a pet instead of buying?

Why We Rescue is a yearlong story-telling documentary that is traversing across all 50 united states highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better. This project is an opportunity to share everyday stories on how those pets can open our homes and hearts to the world.

To visit "Why We Rescue" click here.

Rescued pets looking for loving homes

Shanghai October 22, 2014

My dog got lost recently in our compound Fute village 5. You can find what do she look like in the pictures.
She is very kind and you won't feel uncomfortable when you meet her. So please help keep her temperately or tell me any information about her, thank you in advance!

Contact Information:
Mr. Guan
Tel: 185 2135 2716

Beijing October 20, 2014

Two cute cats (brother and sister, neutered) are looking for a new home. The male is black & white and the female is ginger. Both are healthy and easy-going, though shy at first encounter. They need some time to get adjusted.
Background: As I am almost never at home due to my work, the cats are not getting the attention and care that they need and deserve. This then results in discomfort on both sides to the point that the situation is unmanageable.
I will never blame the cats for this, however I do need to be realistic in how much longer I can handle this situation and this is no longer the case unfortunately.
Therefore I am now looking for a new home for them.

Contact Information:

Beijing October 14, 2014

Little stray kitten, male neuter, about 1 year or younger, updated to vaccination and deepened. Teeth extraction performed for severe stomatitis. I can't bring him back home as My son is allergy for cat dander, and I can't return him to wild as he lost his weapon teeth. I'd love to know if anyone can keep him home and I promise to provide all the cost for his lifetime or maybe a boarding family is OK.

Contact Information:

Beijing October 14, 2014

- She is a female dog, between 4 and 5 months old
- Found near the U.S. Embassy in Liangmaqiao
- Very well taken care of; sleeps through the night; loves walking, chasing leaves and playing fetch with her toys, and is very well behaved on walks
- Has been vaccinated, dewormed, and is in excellent health; have Beijing immunity certificate for registration

Contact Information:
Courtney Mazzone
Tel: 13910470881

Beijing October 11, 2014

Hi there, I’m Piper, an one-year old girl.
I was abandoned in Yuyuantan Park a month ago. I waited and waited for weeks but my “ex-human” never came back. I was heart-broken and scared. I didn’t want to eat anything and was almost starved to death, until my rescuers saved me on Sep 26. They got me dewormed, spayed and soon to be vaccinated.
I’m perfectly healthy, well-behaved, sticky and quiet. I’m staying at foster home and looking for a new home, where I can follow my new human around, lick them, hug them, and love them forever.

Contact Information:
Demi Zhang
Phone: 136 4193 9327

Shanghai October 11, 2014

Phiebie, a very special dog with a unique story. She was found about 4 weeks ago by a German student near a night food market in Hongkou district. Phiebie was very skinny, her gums where white from her poor nutrition, she had a broken hip, and she had worms and flea. At this time she was not able to walk even few meters. Once the student brought her to the Dr. Beck and Stone hospital in Pudong , we discovered Phiebie was also pregnant with five puppies. Sadly due to her poor nutrition she had surgery to remove the puppies. We have been able to get donations for 6600 Yuan ( a part of the donations were covered by an amazing class of 7 and 10 year-old kids that have golden hearts and did house work in order to have the parents support them and donate for Phiebe's medical care) to cover the medical bills for her.
Now, 3 weeks after her surgery Phiebie is feeling better. She can walk without problems but she would still need a hip surgery which would fix the old injury. We are able to pay for the surgery if she needs it in 1-2 moths.
Right now we are URGENTLY seeking a a forever home for Phiebie since her rescuer went back for good to Germany on 27th of September and Phiebe is currently staying in a foster home. Phiebie is such a loving and quiet dog that enjoys being stroked and hugged. The worms and flea are gone and she's received her 1st vaccination already. We think she might have had a previous owner as she knows how to behave on a leash. She is around two years old and has been treated so she can no longer have babies. Phiebe is an amazing dog who would appreciate every little thing you do for her. She went through a lot and knows how hard the life can be. She is absolutely a dream dog for every family who would love her as much as she deserves to be loved.

Contact Information:
Mail of Melissa:
Wechat of Agnieszka Burza: Agnieszka100
Phone of Gabby: 15026840061

Image Shanghai Octorber 09, 2014

It is Sooty. She came to us as a stray when she was about 2 months old and is a really lovely cat now coming up 11 months.
Now she need to find a new home.

Contact Information:
Tel: 13817730021

Image Shanghai October 08, 2014

Hi, my name is Coco and I am 5 months old. I got lost somewhere on Jian He Lu. Totally scared and exhausted, I eventually hid underneath the trolleys at Pines where my rescuer found me. I have been taken to the vet for shots, deworming, etc. In a week or two my eye lids will get operated. I have Cherry Eyes (third eye lid), very common with small dogs. The operation costs are already covered for!
I am desperately looking for a new home with people who will cuddle me, play with me and just take good care of me.

Contact Information:
Iris (German and English): 15800913214 or
Britta (French, Chinese, German, Englisch): 13636625172

Beijing September 26, 2014

Seven is a 2 years old male dog rescued from a public toilet where he was staying on piece of card board. He was very scared and had been much abused and due to this his right back leg was injured. Seven was taken to the vet for a checkup and the conclusion was that the leg had to be amputated.
Seven is a brave little dog who deserves a loving and forever home. He is very gentle and loves to cuddle. He have had a very tough life with no love. But he still trust and love humans and other dogs and cats. He is a very easy going dog and if you give him your love and trust he will follow you forever. Seven trots along great on his three legs. Now he healthy, eats and drinks normally. He has already been fully vaccinated and neutered. Oh, yes, weight is 8.5 kg.

Contact Information:
Camilla Larsson
Tel: 183 1124 1633

Beijing September 25, 2014

This dog is a rescued boy, about 3 or 4 years old. Now his one month behavior training will be completed on till 6th Oct 2014. And his story:
In early August 2014, four trucks loaded with hundreds of dogs were stopped by police force on the highway from Beijing to Harbin. They were being taken to the northeastern part of the country, planned to be sold to restaurants.
Luckily enough they were rescued and transferred to shelters and vets in the surrounding cities including Beijing. This dog in the below picture is one of the survivors.
Upon recovery he was vaccinated and sent to a professional pet training school (ZOOLOOK) for a one-month session, to get prepared with basic skills in order to find a permanent home for the rest of his life.
Prior to the training he was a bit sensitive to certain gestures probably due to the ill treatment he had received. After only two weeks of socialization, he has become very relaxed around human beings, attentive to calling and eager to be close to people. Very actively he would sit, lean over or even lie down and show his belly to ask for treats or pamper. He shows no aggression to his canine fellows, nor cats, horses or even birds. Luckily barking is not his cup of tea either.
With two more weeks to go, it is quite positive that he will be graduating with great scores. By then, he will be very much in need of a loving home.
Upon his graduation in early October, his potential adopting family will be offered with two sessions of owner & dog training class. Being a part of the training package, it aims to help both the dog and his owner to open their new chapter together.
The prime criteria for an adopting family would be that they love dog, and cherish him no matter what.
"Give him a name, give him a life."

Contact Information:
Esther Yang
Mobile: (+86)139 1028 5373
WeChat: esther3377

Beijing September 22, 2014

We are the family of Baqi and Gizmo. Here we send you the pictures of Toto. We found Toto in the park at Central Park, where she was abandoned by some neighbor. She is a female rabbit, quite young but growing fast.
We have bought her a cage, where she spends most of her time, but she loves to enjoy some daily free time out of the cage and exercise her body. Like most pets, she needs the basic care of cleaning her cage and making sure she always has water and food. She likes to drink water and eat dry grass.
We are looking to move out by the end of the year and cannot take Toto out of the country with us. We would be most grateful if somebody likes rabbits (as pets) and would like to adopt Toto.

Contact Information:
Ignacio: 13911352829
Yun: 13126856254

Beijing September 22, 2014

They are playful puppies!
The mommy dog name is Hua Hua, about one year old female dog with her litter 5 puppies, available for adoption now. Puppies are all healthy and just over 2 months old. When they were rescued, Hua Hua raised 5 puppies hardly with bare food. They currently are living in a less than ideal location. Gentle tempered and friendly, they really enjoy being around people. Smart, sensible and obedient, they are perfect dogs ready to join a new family.

Contact Information:
Ms Yang
Tel: 136-8144-3701

Beijing September 22, 2014

Sweetie, smart and sensible, one year old mother cat and her children available for adoption.
A special leader of her cat community, she was found skinny and malnourished wandering around the neighborhood. Before being neutered and immunized, she was raising her little of 6 kittens by herself. Eventually they were rescued and taken to a temporary location. At this time, her and her 6 kittens (all under 4 months) are living in a small cage in a basement with minimal lighting and the freedom to wander. They are all waiting to join nice families!

Contact Information:
Ms Yang
Tel: 136-8144-3701 (available for WeChat)

Shanghai September 17, 2014

The name of the dog is Khaleesi. She got lost from No. 491 Nanjing Road west (near Chengdou Road) on 24th August. Khaleesi is a very timid and "easy to scare" dog, so she might be hiding somewhere in Jing An District or have been taken to some vet hospital if she had an accident in the streets of Shanghai. Her rescuer and adopter are desperately looking for her, so please help look for and forward.

Contact Information:
Phone: 136 3649 6374

Beijing September 15, 2014

A lovely girl was abandoned by her previous owner and now is looking for a permanent home. She is healthy and cute, about four months old.

Contact Information:
Ms. Ou Nan
Tel: 13810758202

Shanghai September 9, 2014

Does she look like Snow White in fairy tales?
Princess is 5 months old, neutered. She is in good shape and weight is 2.1kg. She is sweety and nice, a little shy, but she will prefer to stay all the time with you once familar. Everyone will fall in love the time seeing her. Who will provide her a long time home?

Contact Information:
Shanghai Pudong Hospital
Tel: 021-51353091

Beijing September 9, 2014

Aidan is a four month-old handsome boy with long hair.
Aidan is quiet and gentle personality, so yes, a little bit timid, but will warm up when cuddled by children. He loves that! He just needs some time to get used to new people and a new environment.
Aidan is litter box trained and eats well. He would do best when his new family is willing to spend lots of time with him at the beginning for a smooth adjustment and a lifetime of trust.

Contact Information:
Serena (Shunyi area)

Beijing September 5, 2014

Laolao, male, 2 years old. Vaccined, dewormed, neutered.
Laolao is very easy-going and friendly. His hobby is eating no matter what kind of cat food or even human food, he shows the greatest interests in trying them.
Though as a boy, Laolao is not aggressive at all. He never bite or scratch people, always the last if eating with other cats. He cleaver enough, even can read your mind from people's eyes.
Please show your love to this poor darling and take him home with you!

Contact Information:
Phone: 18911705050

Shanghai September 5, 2014

This is my cat, he is 8 months old, has got vaccined. He is a little fat but lovely, sweety and prefer to stayed with people all the time.
I love him but I really has no time to take care of him because of heavy work and frequently business trip.

Contact Information:
Phone: 13917946757

September 4, 2014

Patton, male, 1 years old. He is a fluffy gentlemen with very cute face. He used to live in a wealthy Chinese family, but was dumped because of owner’s pregnancy.
Patton has got vaccined and neutered, also toilet trained. He is super friendly and whenever you touch his big head, he’ll snore toward you and rub your hand with his head. He’s very easy going and a wonderful family pet for you!

Contact Information:
Phone: 18911705050

Beijing September 1, 2014

Rice, female, 2 months old. She's active, brave, not timid at all. She’s crazy about little toys and can play with a little “mouse” long time by herself.
Now Rice is living in foster family with other cats and she’s very easy going and get well with all of them, will same in further new family.
Rice is healthy, vaccined and dewormed. Just come to take her home!

Contact Information:
Phone: 18911705050

Image Shanghai August 25, 2014

Coconut is a friendly 1 yo white domestic rabbit. Her family is relocating overseas and they are unable to take her with them. So she need find a new home now.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone MH hospital
Tel: 021-64029226

Beijing August, 2014
Lou was abandoned on the street when he was a baby, and found by a nice neighbor who gave him a home. Unfortunately she is very busy with work and wants to find Lou a better home where he can roam about and play.
Personality: Lou has a lot of energy and loves attention. He likes to follow people around. He loves to be petted on the head, especially around the nose and behind his ears. If you sit on the couch he will come and nudge your hand to get some love.
Ideal home: Lou is sociable and friendly, and he'd love to have more company so ideally you should have time to play with him, and room for him to run around.
Sex & Age: male rabbit and about 1 year and 4 months old.
Medical notes: Lou is not spayed. If you have another rabbit you should spay Lou.
Extras: Lou comes with a big pink cage and food and water dishes. (He won't drink from a water bottle but dish.)

Contact information: 

Jess on WeChat at jmrapp19 or by text at 1861401125

Shanghai August 18, 2014

Ms Li rescued several kittens one and half months ago and the left is one of them. Their mother lost her life when they were very young even not open their eyes.
Now it is time for adoption, hope their foster will give her love and a long time home.

Contact Information:
Ms Li
QQ: 308083598

Image Shanghai August 15, 2014

Coconut is 1 year old female rabbit, friendly and very good with children. Now the owners are relocating back to America, and they are in need of some help to have Coconut rehomed in Shanghai. They live in Pudong, so it will be more convenient to have the rehoming take place in Pudong, but Puxi will also be OK.

Contact Information:

Beijing August 15, 2014
Seven is a 2 years old male dog rescued from a public toilet where he was staying on piece of card board. He was very scared and had been much abused and due to this his right back leg was injured. Seven was taken to the vet for a checkup and the conclusion was that the leg had to be amputated, from the x-ray of his jaw the vet discovered it was split into two. Seven now has a wire attached inside his jaw to stabilize the two parts together.
Seven is a brave little dog who deserves a loving and forever home. He is very gentle and loves to cuddle. He have had a very tough life with no love. But he still trust and love humans and other dogs and cats. He is a very easy going dog and if you give him your love and trust he will follow you forever.
Seven trots along great on his three legs and has no discomfort of his jaw, he eat and drink as normal. He is fully vaccinated, healthy, small mixed breed 8.5 kg.
Contact Information:
Camilla Larsson
Phone: 183 1124 1633

Image Shenzhen August 14, 2014

I lost my dog called "LUCKY" last February 8 , 2014 in Shenzhen, Futian around Fumin Road and would appeciate if you can help me find my dog or if you have any advice. The pet shop in Futian lost my dog and I still keep looking when I have time.I attached the photo.

Contact Information:
Marco Hildebrand Lozano
Phone: 852-6163-4232

Image Beijing July 24, 2014

This puppy is male who is three or four years old and he was abandoned due to canine distemper. My friend found him and took him to hospital to help him recover from this bad disease. Of course, this process was full of difficulties and hardships. Fortunately, they succeed in the end, the only fly in the ointment is his twitch but it doesn't effect his normal life and you can’t even find out this when he walks and runs.
My friend hopes someone could adopt them in future. Attached is golden retriever’s picture for your kind reference. I would be appreciated it if you could send mails to your customers for this news.

For any adoption inquery of this golden retriever , please contact:
Ms. Ma Ning(my friend)
Phone: 18610210349

Image Beijing July 21, 2014

My name is Charming Charlie and I am a 4 months old kitten and I will bring you luck! I am beautiful back kitten with the orange eyes.
My owner thought that black cat will bring bad luck and abandoned me a few days ago.
I am trying my best to hang in and my care taker Iwona is bringing me food every day, so I am OK for now.
I am looking for a loving home and I can assure you that I will bring you only happiness and I will love you with all my heart.
My care taker will pay all medical bills at ICVS if you decide to take me home.

Contact Information:
Iwona Redlarska
Mobile: 156 0052 7959 (please text me if I do not answer the phone)

Shanghai July 15, 2014

My neighbors downstairs gave me two rabbits they got for their daughter, but sadly they did not know how to care for them. They were very malnourished and were left outside to die if I did not take them. I have taken them in and given them baths as they were covered with their own urine and defecation due to the small area they had to live in. I do not know much about them except they are young and "it seems" that one is a boy and the other is a girl (spotted one), so the boy (white one) at least will need surgery soon. I will include photos of these two rabbits below. They are not a pretty sight up close, I'm afraid. They have missing hair due to the cramped quarters and their nails were not clipped so they were thin in pain when they came to my home.
Any help would be wonderful. I realize my apartment is not suitable for rabbits who need space to run and jump.

Contact Information:

Shanghai July 15, 2014

Hi! My name is Ivy (at least that what’s my foster family calls me, because I grew on them). I am a mixed breed street dog, rescued near the international schools in Minhang. From my cartoon-like underbite to my splay-footed walk to the underdeveloped 6th toes on my feet, I’m just adorable. However, life hasn’t been easy for me. Sometime after being abandoned as a puppy, I was hit by a car or scooter and broke my left hip. While I have adapted well enough to keep up with my foster doggie brother, it is very hard. The great vets at Doctors Beck and Stone have examined me and determined that they can do a special operation (FHO) to repair my hip, which would allow me to eventually run on all four legs again! But this will not be a cheap operation, and my foster family has already spent a lot to get me cleaned up and healthy, so any donation you could make would really be appreciated.
Of course, what I really want most in the world is my own family. My foster people have been great, but they already have three pets and cannot keep another one. While staying with them, I have learned how to walk on a leash, and I am (mostly) trained to go outside to use the bathroom. I like playing tug of war or fetch with a tennis ball, but my favourite game is Chase. Since I only weigh 5.5 kilos, I can play it with either dogs or cats. It isn’t fair when they jump up on a chair or table, because my broken hip limits me - but they have to come down eventually! Despite the fact that people have not always treated me well (as evidenced by my scars), I still like them and enjoy being petted and cuddled. I even like the little ones you call “toddlers”, since they are about my size.
If you have room in your heart and in your home, please call my foster people (Eric - 150 0064 1050 or Tonda - 158 0067 1975) and tell them that you want to adopt me. Or, if you already have a full house, but you would like to help give me a chance to run and jump again, please make a donation in my name (patient number is Ivy (21499)) at one of the Doctors Beck and Stone offices ( Thank you!

Image Beijing July 15, 2014

Hi everyone, I'm desperately finding someone to adopt this cat! This cat has been recently abandoned by my neighbor and would not seem to leave the apartment area. The cat was domesticated so it doesn't seem to know how to survive on the streets. I've been feeding it for a week and also had it checked by the vet and the doctor says it is in perfect health (except for dirty ears, which I have been cleaning for a few days).
Could anyone be interested in adopting this cat? It is very very friendly, and it definitely needs human care. I'd personally love to take care of this cat but I'm flying back home in mid-August, so I'd like to find someone who can take care of this cat in Beijing. I live near Wudakou subway station.
If you're interested, or even if you want to come and see it, please contact :

Eunhou Song

Shanghai July 10, 2014

Are you fond of animals? Does your heart beat faster when you see a small cat?
Then you will love “Little Folty”, a white-brown striped kitten rescued from the street being only a couple of weeks old. Meanwhile she grew stronger and is now searching for a temporary new home.
Folty is a strong little princess – cheerful, active, loves to play and is sometimes still searching for her mom. I would love to keep her myself. However, my current work implies lots of travelling and I could not give her the attention and care she needs.
Until she is old enough, I am searching an animal lover who would like to accommodate her for several months. To support Little Folty, I will pay a monthly food allowance and all medical services needed.
Contact Information:
Phone: 18616979090

Shanghai July 7, 2014

I am looking for a home for these 2 kittens, and I hope to find one before 10th July as I am leaving Shanghai on the 11th.

They are currently 8 weeks old, both female, and are playful and friendly in nature.

Contact Information:
Phone: 13816113682

Image Shanghai July 4, 2014

One client found this French Bulldog at Lujaizui. He has an international microchip and is waiting for his owner to take him back.

Contact Information:
"janehhs" on WeChat
Doctors Beck & Stone MH hospital via 021-64029226

Beijing June 30, 2014

I have been calling him "Lucky" due to the fact that I felt he was very lucky to have my friend spot him at 10:30pm a few nights ago in our apartment complex.
He is a 2-month old male puppy, an immensely cute, smart, loving, and friendly dog. He is incredibly responsive to training and is FULLY house-trained (I GUARANTEE THIS). I have already taught him how to sit, (lie) down, come, stay, and fetch. For each command, I have taught him in under 30 minutes! I am sure you could teach him many other tricks/commands so long as you are dedicated and have some free time. If the new owner is unsure of how to train a dog, I could also help that person train him for free. I would like to find a new owner ASAP as I am afraid that the dog is getting more and more attached to me every day.
In addition, I have already gone to see the veterinarian to get all his exams done. He is thus far negative for all his tests (rabies, distemper, etc.) and should be getting his results back for his last test (ringworm) tomorrow. After which, I will get all his shots for him. The costs of all the medical attention will be paid in FULL by myself so the new owner does not have to worry about medical bills regarding the puppy.
I really like this puppy and if my situation were different, I would even consider raising this dog on my own. He is a wonderful dog and will bring great joy to anyone who adopts him. However, I have three businesses that require more time than I have, my mother is getting older and is also fully dependent on my support, and am unsure of how much longer I will be based out of Beijing, as my businesses may require me to relocate to America. Bottom line, I just want to find a good, loving home for a dog that deserves such a chance.
I greatly appreciate your help in regards to this and hope that he will find a good home soon. Thank you for your time and concern.

Contact Information:
David Kim
Phone: 13810654574

Beijing June 26, 2014

This super-cute male puppy is about 4 months old and is currently recovering from undernourishment. He is 2.1 Kg at the moment, was dewormed on the 14th of June and found to be virus-free, he had his first shot (for viruses) on June 19th . He is being crate trained and currently goes out 4 times a day for toilet breaks.

Contact Information:
Phone: 13269475941 or 18610041730

Shanghai June 18, 2014

This three legged pup is Crutchy. He was found wondering Shanghai’s famous bund by a visitor to the city.
Skinny and hungry, the visitor had no choice but to take the dog with him. However, as much as he would like to, the rescuer cannot provide this sweet and playful pup forever home.
He has finished all vaccinated, de-wormed, and has been neutered. He's very friendly with people and the head will turn up and down when walking and running.
Will any of you give him a home?

Contact Information:
Gene Cressler
Phone: 13122385140

Shanghai June 16, 2014

My name is Nova. I am boy, 11 months old. My weight is around 5 kg. I am looking for a new family as my mom is too busy for work to spend time with me. I'm healthy and have been vaccinated and dewormed on time.
I always keep in a good figure. Also I like running and I can defecate and urinate outside the house, thanks a lot to my mom for what she has done for me. Additionally, you can find a super skill on me, I am an absolute jumper, I can jump very high!
I am still living with my mom so far, I don’t want to leave her either, However I feel a little lonely during the days my mom has to go to work . So I am looking for a new family to settle down.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone Pudong hospital
Reception: 021-51353091

Beijing June 10, 2014

This is a beautiful little baby girl in desperate need for a home. She is 4 to 6 weeks old (estimated by a doctor). She is a playful, happy and intelligent dog. She is very curious and affectionate. She is in perfect health and has had her first doctors check up (dewormed etc).
She would be best suited for someone looking for a loving and loyal companion. I think she will make a family very happy and a perfect best friend for a child.
When we tried to potty train her, it took her less than a day to understand the system. Since then she goes exactly where she needs to. She is very perceptive and a quick learner.

Contact Information:
Abhya Tayal
Phone: 18500022421

Beijing June 10, 2014

The 2 cats are affectionate, fun, smart, beautiful, healthy, clean, vaccinated, neutered and house-trained. We have had the cats for 9 years and now we are heading back to our home country in July, but very sadly we cannot take them with us with so we are trying to find a caring family to look after them. They are OUTDOOR-INDOOR cats. Please contact Karen (Chinese or English) for more information.

Phone Number: 13146119592

Beijing June 10, 2014

3 lovely five-week-old kittens looking for forever-home, 2 quiet males and 1 curious female. They are super sweet, gentle and healthy.
These sweethearts were abandoned together with their mama right after their birth. Currently staying with mama at her adopters, they learned to eat kibbles and use cat toilet. They have many visitors growing up (everyone who participated in their rescue) therefore they are not scared of human or dogs at all.
Hope you can give them a warm home. Love them, provide proper healthcare, and never leave them behind if you need to relocate. Adoption separate or altogether are both welcome.

Contact Information:
Phone: 13693399265

Shanghai June 09, 2014

Dr Laura Brisbane-Cohen from MH hospital found a lot of stray puppies that need homes at the stable. Some of the ladies who ride there are helping to feed these puppies and will start their vaccines.
Here are some of them:
Puppy picture 1 - One 10-12 week old brindle mix-breed puppy
Puppy picture 2 - Three super cute 6-8 week old mix-breed puppies
Puppy picture 3 - Seven mix breed puppies around 4 weeks of age.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone Minhang hospital
Reception: 021-6402 9226

Beijing June 03

Four lovely 10 week old kittens are ready for new homes. All are female and
have been hand raised for the past month in Shunyi area, so they are very gentle and accepting of human contact.
Preference will be given to families that can adopt two kittens together.
More info or a visit is welcome.

Contact Information:
Serena Johnson

Beijing May 27, 2014

Audi, female, 2 months old, gentle and easy-going.
Audi comes from the story of finding. She was found in an Audi engine box after the car went a little distance. Lucky enough, the Audi owner heard her voice and stopped in time. Then she has chance to wait here for adoption.
Audi is very pretty cow cat with gentle character, also active and cute.

Contact Information:
Phone: 18911705050

Shanghai May 27, 2014

This girl is about 3-4 months old, nice, active and healthy❤️

She is temporarily taken care by a kind aiyi, but not long time. Hope someone who like her can give her a home for ever. Otherwise, she maybe lose freedom even life. Help, please!

Contact Information:
Phone: 13917921813

Image Beijing May 26, 2014

3 days ago, I and Luxix were rescued by Frannie and Chris from the Little Shop. And before this, Frannie has been helped us withh food and water for long time. I had dreamed and blessed so many times for this day and now it did happened to me!
I was taken to the hospital and had my nurtured operation. But I still need stay in hospital for several days because cornea problem, hope it goes well soon.
No one can image what we suffered when straying on street. But we still live with hope because the warm and encourage from Frannie. I wish I can find a real home which belong to me no mater about the size and delicious, just a home with owner who loves me!

Contact Information of Frannie:

Image Beijing May 26, 2014

I'm Pipilu, 5 years old. I was rescured by Frannie and Chris from the Little Shop 3 days ago. When health check, we all were shocked that I'm a pregnant with 5 babies! I'm so sad about this news because it will be just a nightmare for our abandoned dogs.
I love my babies, just like your human. But Frannie has done much for me and she can't afford for another 5 new life. So if any of you read this, will you please help us spread, adoption or even just cans and nutrition cream? It will be great help for my family and Frannie! Thank you very much!

Contact Information of Frannie:
Phone: 15810911643

Image Beijing May 26, 2014

I became orphan very early and currently I’m looking for a home and loving parents who can provide proper education for me. I try my best to be a good girl, for example I have already learned how to use the cat toilet, but need some further guidance how to be smarter and develop the best possible personality.
As a return I can offer my unlimited love not depending on your personality, mood and any other circumstances, my happy company and a lot of fun during our time spent together.
So if you can offer me a forever loving home, take me with you wherever you move, and provide the necessary medical care and take care about me during my life: look deeply into my scared yellow
6 weeks old eyes and please contact my foster parents who saved me but are not able to raise me:

Contact Information:

Beijing May 19, 2014

Loki is a male cat about one year old that we adopted back in November. Unfortunately, we have to move overseas because of an unforeseen circumstances. We don't have the funds to take him with us, so we are looking to find him a good, loving family.
He is neutered and vaccinated, and has a Pet Health Club membership with Doctors Beck & Stone that is valid for free consultations for another 9 months. He is very playful and active, especially with string. He can also be very cuddly, and does not like to be left alone for long periods of time. We named him Loki because he is very mischievous and funny, and he always makes us laugh. He's very clean and generally very quiet.
If you are looking for a sweet, active cat, please contact me.
Contact Informtion:
Phone: 15701694207 (text only)

Image Shanghai May 16, 2014

"Fudan" was rescued in Sept 2012 near Fudan University and is a 2-3 year old male DSH black and white cat. He was in a very bad condition when his rescuer found him, however, he has since gained weight and is looking for a loving long-term home. He does have medical conditions that will require long term medical care and so we are looking for a special home with someone who can give him the care he needs.

Fudan has a virus called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). FIV is a virus that causes AIDS in cats; however, there is a long period without symptoms before AIDS occurs and these pets can live a good life until they start showing symptoms of AIDS. The average life expectancy from the time of diagnosis for FIV is 5 years. Humans cannot be infected with FIV; FIV is a cats-only infection. This virus can be passed from cat to cat through saliva and so Fudan needs to be in a house with other FIV positive cats, or in a single cat household.

Fudan also has another condition called Feline Stomatitis-Gingivitis complex and has had to have all his teeth removed to try and help with the pain that he was experiencing in his mouth. It can be common for pets with FIV to get this condition where they get severe inflammation of the mouth and throat. We are currently giving Fudan treatment for this and he is coping very well with this condition.

We understand that Fudan has some conditions that will require on-going veterinary care, however, we are hoping we can find him a loving home where he can enjoy the rest of his life. If you think you may be able to provide this big gentle cat with a good home please contact:

Doctors Beck & Stone - Minhang Hospital
Phone: 021-6402 9226

Image Shenzhen May 14, 2014

I´m Gina From Colombia, I´m going to stay in China Dameisha only for a few months. I found last night a beautiful dog in a car park where some one told me dog was left by the owner and if some one likes him can take it, but nobody take care of him,no water or food, he has a very heavy rusted chain around her neck all day.

I need to find one home for him, if you can send pictures of him to your friends or some place because I´m not from here, or to call to some one for us to help this dog.

Contact Information:
Gina Villate
Mobil: 150 12867947

Image Beijing May 07, 2014

Mrs.Suzan has been living in China for many years. She adopted 5 stray cats in the past 5 years. Now her husband just changed his job and the whole family must leave China, but they're not able to bring all cats back. She would like to put information of adoption on our website so that the another two would have a nice family.
The followings are the wished information of this madam:
Because of sudden relocation we are leaving Beijing at mid-June. We've adopted stray cats but only 2 could be brought back home. Now we're looking for a loving home for the other two: Garfield is a beautiful fluffy red, shy, kind, 5 year old male cat, he is neutered and vaccinated and been living in a cat family of 5. Snow is a 5 year old lovely, playful, white female.

Contact Informtion:
Mail: , Phone: 13651263430

Image Beijing May 07, 2014

Lulu is nearly two years old we think, and is an absolute sweetheart! She is fun, lively, loves kids and playing, doesn’t bark, eats well, is house trained and completely up to date with all vaccinations.
However, she was recently diagnosed with Diabetes, and this means that she needs a single shot of Insulin every morning before she kick starts her day. She eats diabetic dog food (which is readily available, and the same price as regular dog food). Her insulin costs 108RMB for one months supply, and she needs to visit the vets every 3-6 months for a check up, but all check ups for the next year have been paid for in advance.
We are leaving this summer and knew we wouldn’t be able to take her with us due to the quarantine regulations in our next destination. The Diabetes diagnosis did throw the rehousing of Lulu off track a little, but Beck and Stone will be helping with this process, using their extensive list of contacts. If you are interested in taking Lulu on, you will get a truly great little dog that just needs a little extra care given her condition.

Contact Information:Simon, Phone: 13501051492 or email:

Beijing May 06, 2014

Didi was found under a car at Apr. 29 2014. she’s about 2 month old, healthy and playful, enjoys staying with people, can get used to be around friendly dogs, she can eat dry and wet cat food, knows how to use a cat toilet.
The rescuer has 2 dogs at home, so need to look for a loving and responsible family for her.
If you are stable in Beijing,
If your whole family loves cats,
If you can offer her professional cat food and medical care,
If you can spay her at the right age,
If you can keep her indoors, away from hidden dangers,
If you can take her with you when you leave China,
If you have enough time and patience for a kitty (not for busy full time workers)

Pls contact Jerri at:

Shanghai May 04, 2014

Xiao Long (Little Dragon) was found May 02 in Yanlord Gardens lost and crying in some bushes. He's a very healthy and brave 7 week old male, deflead and dewormed, waiting for his first vaccine. He's not shy, he's very playful and likes to be on your lap. He eats on his own and knows how to use the litter tray. That's a smart kitten!
The rescuer cannot keep him as she has already two cats and a dog, and is leaving Shanghai in two weeks. She urgently needs a foster parent or permanent home for XiaoLong.

Contact Information:
Phone: 18601790745
She offers to help the foster parent with sand, food and the vaccines.

Image Beijing May 04, 2014

I am Jiaozi, a lovely fox terrier, 7 years old. I'm looking for a new family who enjoys my accompany, who would like to spend time with me, play with me and give me care and love.

If you are interested with me or hope to know more information, please contact Karen.

Contact Detail:
Phone: 13701336327

Image Beijing April 18, 2014

This cute 10-week-old puppy was found rummaging through the garbage at the bus stop along Jiuxianqiao in the Chaoyang district. The puppy was very lethargic that night, so her rescuers brought her inside and gave her a warm bed to sleep in. The next day, she was a ball of action! She was brought to the vet and given a clean bill of health. She also has had all of her vaccinations and will come with a cage, toys, and food. Her current friend, an American woman, can’t keep her because she is going back to the states soon. She is a really good little girl. She loves to cuddle and lay in laps, and she also likes to chase her toys around! She is very friendly and not afraid of people. She would make a great family pet or companion for someone solo. Just keep in mind that she is currently teething, so she likes to chew! As long as she has a chew toy or a pair of old slippers, she is content.

Contact Information:

Shanghai April 16, 2014

Chou Chou is a 8-month male cat. He has finished deworming and deflea. One months ago, an accident caused him losing one of his legs. But now he have been fully recovered after treatment.
Chouchou is very nice, a little bit shy. The rescuer wanna Chou Chou could have a warm family in the future. If you want to give Chou Chou a home,please contact Doctors Beck & Stone PD hospital.
Besides,ChouChou's brothers and sisters are also waiting for long time family.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone PD hospiatl
Phone: 021-51353091

Image Shanghai April 11, 2014

Molly is a 1 1/2 year old female spayed tortoiseshell DSH cat and Mario is a 1 year old grey British Short hair cat. Both cats are fully vaccinated and have had a health check recently.

Their owner unfortunately has to leave China and cannot take them with her. Both cats are very affectionate and together are looking for a loving home.

The owner would like to home the cats together as they have grown up together and are best friends.

If you are interested in giving these a cats a home please contact:
Doctors Beck & Stone Minhang Hospital
Phone: 021-6402 9226

Image Shanghai April 11, 2014

Three young kittens were adopted from the street and are between 10-14 days old. The tri-coloured kitten has found a loving forever home, however, the other two little kittens still needs a good home. They need special care and bottle feeding every 3-4 hours for another 2-3 weeks until they can be weaned onto solid food. We need a special home for these kittens with an owner with a lot of experience raising orphaned kittens.

Doctors Beck & Stone - Minhang Hospital
Phone: 021-6402 9226

Image Beijing March 28, 2014

Romeo is a 5-months-old boy. Independent and clever, he is also very affectionate to other animals and is the perfect companion around kids. He loves to play and it is adorable to see him jump in excitement when he sees you arriving.

If you are interested by welcoming a new member in your family or if you want more information about him, you can contact Laure.

Laure's Contact Detail:
Phone: 130 2191 6784

Image Shanghai March 25th, 2014

Caramel is a 10 month old female spayed domestic rabbit that needs a new loving home. She has been dewormed and also checked by a veterinarian to ensure she is healthy. She can be a little nervous and interacts better with teenagers or adults. If you or you know someone who would like to adopt Caramel please contact:

Doctors Beck & Stone - Minhang Hospital
Phone: 021-6402 9226


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